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Reiki Master, MNFSH, M CThA
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In today's busy world, we are surrounded by constant noise and interruption - television, radio, phones, Internet, emails and probably lots more too. We have become used to instant information and rapid response to everything. We all crave that peace and quiet, a point of stillness or some time out just for us.

To a lot of people, meditation might seem a challenge and one that is difficult to attain however with the right support plus a good amount of effort and patience it is possible to get there. The Buddhists say we have 'monkey minds', a great description of how our minds are constantly jumping from one thing to another. We would of course all love to attain complete peace of mind but for some of us in our busy lives, that may be a way off but it is possible to 'meet the monkey half way' and work towards some peace of mind and ultimately rest.

Everyone recognises the mental, emotional and physical benefits that being in a calm state achieves. The NHS has recently suggested that meditation should be available on the NHS as a way of treating many different conditions. It certainly can do no harm and is a lovely and helpful practice to have in our lives.

Ann offers a range of different ways of learning meditation and relaxation techniques whether it is required for personal spiritual development or stress management. Her workshops are always gentle and peaceful but offer practical advice for adopting meditation in our busy lives - ensuring we are effective, so we meet our commitments but also spiritually mindful.

For corporate organisations or public bodies, Ann is also able to offer workshops for well-being at work initiatives. Having come from a corporate background herself, Ann is well used to the demands of the working environment and is able to bridge the two worlds effectively.

Available are:

Day workshops

  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Retreat Days
  • A Day of Peace and Quiet
  • Relaxation

Corporate Days

  • Relaxation
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Well being at work
  • Healing or Reiki

Evening classes

  • Meditation

Bespoke classes or workshops can be designed to meet particular needs if required

Some previous recipients of Ann's workshops have kindly written their thoughts on some of the workshops:

"I thank you for a lovely calming day. It was truly amazing and I have been practising some of the techniques learnt throughout the week." KW

"I keep practicing through the day and it is really helping. Also keep reminding myself of mindfulness. So thank you so much BS

"Thank you for a lovely day. I really enjoyed every minute. The people were lovely. I felt really comfortable with them. I am going to start practicing and hope it becomes easier for me. PG

Ann Kitchener - Reiki Master, MNFSH, M CThA

Ann Kitchener - Reiki Master Yorkshire
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35B Bondgate, Selby
North Yorkshire, YO8 3LX


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