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Reiki Master, MNFSH, M CThA
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Reiki Attunements

To become a Reiki Practitioner, it is necessary to undertake a Reiki Attunement process. The Attunement is a special experience, one that is to be cherished and enjoyed, and of course it is a spiritual undertaking. An Attunement can only be given by a Reiki Master (or teacher). Ann became a Reiki Master in 1997 and is delighted to have undertaken many beautiful Attunements over the years and met with some amazing people during that time.

There are 3 levels of Reiki with level 3 being the Master level. However a lot of people are happy to stay at level 1 or 2 and it is absolutely fine to practice Reiki after level 1. It is true that some people learn Reiki healing with the goal of becoming a professional Reiki Healer, however it is also very common for a lot of people to adopt Reiki as a tool for their personal development or just to treat themselves or their family and friends.

Ann offers Reiki Attunements at all levels either on a one to one or group basis. An Attunement typically takes a day but Ann always ensures she meets her students before and after the Attunements. It is important, especially after an Attunement, that Ann meets with and keeps in touch with her students ongoing for support, mentoring and friendship.

It concerns Ann greatly that, in some areas, it is possible to rush the Reiki experience and become a Reiki Master in a weekend. Ann advocates slow Reiki and is keen that there is plenty of time between each level to ensure that, not only is the experience of taking Reiki into one's life is enjoyed, that there is also plenty of time for personal development and acceptance of the energies. Ann is there throughout the journey for all of her students at all times.

She prides herself on offering a special day. The Attunement will cover all the important spiritual aspects of Reiki but also the very practical considerations that we all need today.

Ann has personally written Reiki Manuals for each level. They are professionally printed paperback books. These prove an invaluable resource for the future but are also a lovely keepsake of the Reiki Attunement Day.

For each level taken, as part of the course, each delegate receives:

  •      Ann's Reiki Manual
  •      Certificate of Attunement

Some of the people who have undertaken Reiki Attunements with Ann have been kind enough to write testimonials about their day.

    "Today I had the most wonderful experiences. I had tears of joy. I feel so blessed. I'm so happy to have been guided to Ann my Reiki Master. YK

    "A wonderful learning experience. A good balance between practical and theory. Thank you for a wonderful day. AL

    "What a wonderful day! I came here thinking I knew what to expect but my experience was far better than expectation. I loved how informal and relaxed it was and really feel like I am leaving with so much knowledge. Thank you Ann you're a wonderful person. Please make it longer so I don't have to go home!

    "A wonderful warming, comforting experience. Ann is a lovely lady and really makes you feel at ease to ask questions even if you think they sound stupid. I would highly recommend Ann for treatment of Reiki and training. Looking forward to my Reiki 2! Thank you Ann for a beautiful day.

Ann Kitchener - Reiki Master, MNFSH, M CThA

Ann Kitchener - Reiki Master Yorkshire
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