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Reiki Master, MNFSH, M CThA
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Reiki for Sport

Sports injury?
Muscle pain?
Tense/tired muscles?
Feeling 'out of sorts'?

Whether you are an elite sports person or someone who simply enjoys some local informal classes or events, sports injuries can range from frustrating, to debilitating, demoralising and at worst cause lots of pain. Additionally we all have those nagging old injuries that flare up or that niggling back ache that won't go away.

Regardless of your sport; running, athletics, football, rugby, badminton or cycling, its unfortunate, but sports injuries are all too common.

  • Muscle strain
  • Joint pain
  • Ligament injuries
  • Tendonitis
  • Over training

Reiki can assist you to get back into your sport. As a complementary therapy, it works alongside other treatments you may be receiving. It is a relaxing and painless treatment yet is very effective. Additionally, Ann is also able to assist you with meditation techniques for stress management and relaxation.

In addition to her holistic work, Ann also has a BTEC in Sport and personally undertakes various sporting activities such as running, aerobics, boxercise and pilates. Ann is a strong believer that complementary therapies can help in recovery from sports injury. All you need is an open mind to give Reiki a try! Why not contact Ann to discuss your particular needs?

  •    For healing
  •    For well-being
  •    For joint pain
  •    For relaxation
  •    For Ill-health
  •    For stress management

  • Most importantly Reiki for you!

Ann Kitchener - Reiki Master, MNFSH, M CThA

Ann Kitchener - Reiki Master Yorkshire
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